Summary – Morning Presidential Press Conference – Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The Mexican government will file a complaint before the full Supreme Court (SCJN) against Justice Luis María Aguilar for his selective and targeted rulings in the case of a company that has failed to pay 25 billion pesos (US$1.47 billion) in taxes. The government also denounced Justice Aguilar for having suspended the distribution of the new free textbooks in Chihuahua and Coahuila. The President said it “it was an arbitrary, unfair, biased, conservative and politically motivated ruling.”

The head of the Federal Attorney General’s Office, Arturo Medina Padilla, charged that the Federal Judiciary has prevented progress from being made in 82% of the cases against 17 large delinquent taxpayers, which prevents the government from accessing 55 billion pesos (US$3.25 billion) that could be invested in socially oriented programs and activities.

The head of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, reported that, as of July 2023, federal crimes have decreased 24.2%, compared to December 2018 levels. Intentional homicide has fallen 19.9% compared to July 2018; six states account for 47.8% of homicides in the country: Guanajuato, State of Mexico, Baja California, Jalisco, Chihuahua, and Michoacán.

President López Obrador reported that, in coordination with the Government of Jalisco, the investigation into the case of the five young people who are reported missing in Lagos de Moreno is progressing. At the same time, he warned that there is considerable misinformation about the security situation, since supposedly a new case involving five brothers who are missing was reported, but they themselves clarified that they are in the United States.

The President ruled out discrepancies with the United States in energy issues. He indicated that the only question posed in the framework of the USMCA is the consultation on GMO corn, banned in Mexico for domestic consumption due to its harmful effects on health.

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